Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on February 15, 2022

  • Commencement: Meeting called to order at 7:08 p.m. with board members Anna Urman, Brian Mazuc, Dan King, Eric Kerby, Erika King, Hunter Lang, and Jim McDonald in attendance.  Meeting conducted remotely due to pandemic.
  • Previous Meeting Minutes:
    • Approved January minutes
  • New Business
    • Confirmed dates for 2022 events
    • Request to use park for commercial filming: additional information needed; cannot restrict use by homeowners or reserve space
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • 2 disclosures
    • Donation to St. Marks complete
    • 2022 dues increase (base rate = $75 effective 2022)
      • Disclosure document has already been updated
    • Reserve Study update
      • Current proposals combined costs which does not meet our needs; need to determine if/what requirements for reserve study exist for an HOA of our size; if required, need to re-scope and obtain separate proposals for each private street and the general HOA
  • Architectural Control (AC) Committee
    • AC Guidelines update: on track to have initial draft to the board in March
    • Tickets #376621 and #428769 and other tickets related to Lot #7035: owner has not responded to certified letter regarding disclosure violations; ongoing violations fees to be assessed effective date of disclosure notification; will pursue next steps toward issuing lien against property
  • Common Grounds/Playground Committees
    • Park repaving – as of mid-January, Washington Paving agreed to honor the original quote; need to establish payment plan, schedule, and planned route of access to park to minimize damage to any property
    • Establish new plan to address 2 tree issues (one overhanging park path, one on homeowner’s property)
  • Neighborhood Watch (NW)
    • Need to attend training by Officer Goodley and obtain slides for distribution and set up watch zones
  • The Villager
    • December edition not distributed; aim for March distribution
    • Going forward, editor will directly solicit contributions from board and community (via Facebook) with proposals to board for approval
  • Other Business
    • Pending tickets/action items
  • Upcoming events
    1. Spring Yard Sale (4th Saturday in April – April 23rd)
    1. Picnic & Food Donation (2nd Saturday in September – September 10th)
    1. Fall Yard Sale (3rd Saturday in September – September 17th)
    1. Annual Meeting (3rd Monday in October – October 17th)
    1. Santa Visit (3rd Saturday in December – December 17th)
  • Adjournment:  8:47 p.m.
  • Follow-up Action Items
    • Anna & Eric: schedule QB transition
    • Anna & Brian: initiate contact with attorneys for pursuing lien on property for assessed charges for violations plus attorney and recording fees
    • Brian: coordinate with NW committee members to attend training and/or solicit additional volunteers
    • Eric: update dues amount on website
    • Eric: respond to request for filming commercial in park
    • Eric: update homeowner re: removal of tree on property
    • Erika: post 2022 events on website
    • Erika: contact editor to aim for March distribution (include reminder about dues increase)
    • Erika: post reminder on website/Facebook about dues increase (including links to pay annual dues) after Eric updates dues on website
    • Hunter: initiate/coordinate paving contract
    • Jim, Liz, Erika, and Dan: remove tree from neighbor’s property
    • Jim: schedule meeting with Anna and Eric to determine if/what legal requirements exist for reserve study and establish plan for next steps
    • Hunter: contact T&C for quote on removal of tree overhanging park path
    • Hunter & Erika: visit park to review paving/tree requirements
  •  AC Report
Ticket NumberDate CreatedSubjectCurrent Status
9202962022-02-15 13:04:27Architectural Project RequestOpen
3337942022-02-14 14:17:53HOA Disclosure PacketOpen
4067812022-02-10 21:30:04Re: Architectural Project Request [#414936]Open
4149362022-02-03 12:46:47Architectural Project RequestApproved
1765252022-01-27 21:53:01extension & remodeling inquireyClosed
3218362022-01-25 19:54:47Architectural Project RequestOpen
9052962022-01-21 16:39:12ComplaintOpen
9743212022-01-21 9:30:02purchasing property: 7007 Bedrock Road (hoa violations)Closed
3589692022-01-20 15:21:13Inquiring about violations on a property of interest to purchaseClosed
9830392022-01-19 12:27:50Draft Updated Architectural Guidelines Available?Closed
2119472022-01-15 21:15:13Information needed to cure violationsClosed