Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on July 11, 2022

  • Commencement: Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m. with board members Anna Urman, Brian Mazuc, Dan King, Elizabeth Loevner, Eric Kerby, Erika King, Hunter Lang, and Jim McDonald in attendance.  Meeting conducted remotely.
  • Previous Meeting Minutes:
    • Approved June minutes
  • Business conducted via email
    • Voted to accept complaint (Ticket #251337) as a violation of the community rules; will initiate informal notice to the homeowners
  • New Business
    • Annual meeting location/planning
      • Virginia Hills School (Diana Lane)
      • Groveton Elementary
      • John Marshall Library
      • South County Government Center
      • Lee District Rec Center
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Main expenses: attorney fees, playground maintenance, and private streets disbursement
    • Grill ordered
    • Further audit actions tabled until dues payments are processed
  • Architectural Control (AC) Committee
    • AC Guidelines community comment period closed 6/30/22; committee to merge changes, consolidate comments, and provide initial disposition for presentation to board for discussion
      • The board will need to determine a way forward to address any areas of contention
    • Ticket #965571: pool barrier; cleared violation based on security system and gates in place; would become a violation again if those were to be removed in the future
    • Ticket #308421 – do not provide any assistance, insurance coverage, or letters in support of AC projects; we only provide approval responses to AC requests
  • Common Grounds/Playground Committees
    • Ticket #521739: based on arborist review conducted by the HOA, not removing the tree
    • Ticket 611748: did not identify the missing monkey bar, need photo or more information to review
    • Pressure washing: still need to identify water source
    • County culvert clearing resulted in a flooded area of stagnant water and blocked an unpaved trail that branches off the paved path near the bridge; may need to contact county for further action; will obtain photos to review
  • Neighborhood Watch (NW)
    • Have been unable to gain traction with scheduling meetings/comments from volunteers
  • The Villager
    • July edition distributed
  • Other Business
    1. Pending tickets/action items
      1. Ticket #863660 (structure on common grounds); mark as closed
      1. Ticket #757686 (blocking sidewalk shrubs) – attempted to contact owner on multiple occasions, no response to email (7/2)
    1. Picnic planning: held initial kickoff meeting with volunteers, duties assigned to obtain quotes, will reconvene in a couple weeks to determine activities/how we want to move forward
  • Upcoming events
    • Picnic & Food Donation (September 10th)
    • Fall Yard Sale (September 17th)
    • Annual Meeting (October 17th)
    • Santa Visit (December 17th)
  • Adjournment:  8:04 p.m.
  • Follow-up Action Items
    • All: identify possible locations for HOA annual meeting
    • Eric: begin planning document for annual meeting
    • Erika: link future HOA board meeting events to the remote attendance policy
    • Liz: attempt to contact owners regarding ticket #251337 and ticket #757686
    • Liz: obtain pictures re: culvert debris blocking path and swampy/flooded area
    • Hunter: update homeowner re: ticket #521739
    • Jim/Brian: identify contacts for firemen/PD and invite to picnic