Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on January 09, 2023

Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on January 9th, 2023

  1. Commencement: 1/9 7:04pm
    1. Attendance: Dan King, Jim McDonald, Eric Kirby, Dave Balandrin, Anna Urman, Hunter Lang, Liz Loevner, Kerri Shilts
  2. Previous Meeting Minutes:
    1. Proposed changes to November Meeting Minutes
      1. 6. b.  The AC chair requested removal of Jim McDonald from the AC.  Eric pointed out that the Bylaws do not specify processes for committee membership changes.  Board members Eric and Dave each said that Jim served our community well as a valuable Architectural Committee member.   Concurrently, Kerri Shilts volunteered to be on the committee.  The Board considered and unanimously accepted a motion to confirm the AC Members to be Brian Mazuc (Chair), Kerri Shilts, Madeline Lussier, David Gibson, and Marci Bonner. 
      1. 10. b.  4500 Flintstone – informal complaint received by Jim that the curb surrounding corner lot 4500 Flintstone was so filled with scruffy weeds that none of the curb could be seen.  Jim contacted the Fairfax County district supervisor’s office and then called the matter into VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation).   Two days later VDOT cleared and cleaned the curb.  Need to confirm if this would close complaint Ticket #585371.
  3. Business conducted between meetings:
  4. Old Business
    1. Officer Elections/President
      1. President needed for signing financial documents, reports to state.  Pavement contractors wanted to speak with president. 
      1. Propose to canvas community for president role. 
      1. Proposal for board retreat to discuss what we need to do to move forward.
      1. By-laws stipulate officer vacancy may be filled by the board.
    1. Revisions to Annual Meeting minutes
  5. New Business
    1. Convened executive session to consider consultation with legal counsel, concerning privileged legal information.
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    1. December: Legal bill
    1. No January transactions yet
    1. May need new version of QuickBooks
    1. Few tickets for disclosure packages, most have been addressed. 
      1. No outstanding active disclosure packages
        1. 4310 Rock Creek Rd – sent on 1 Dec
        1. 7012 Vantage Dr – send on 8 Dec
        1. 6922 Lodestone Way – responded
      1. Where on website can disclosure request be put more prominently
        1. Visibility of request
        1. Move to top menu, so it’s more visible.
        1. Change auto-reply, make it clear what to expect.
  7. Architectural Control (AC) Committee
    1. Been quiet since October, have had 7 tickets closed (1 duplicate)
    1. 1 ticket outstanding
  8. Common Grounds/Playground Committees
    1. Ordered part for the swing, awaiting delivery (Ordered 18 Dec)
    1. Park will need to be re-mulched, likely in March.
    1. Pathway people want to talk to Treasurer or President to begin work – Anna will reach out to them
  9. Website Administration/Documentation
    1. No business
  10. The Villager
    1. December issue sent out
      1. Angela did a great job coordinating articles
      1. Santa information
  11. Other Business
    1. Tickets to respond to:
      1. Ticket #251211 – Need to respond that HOA cannot get involved
      1. Ticket #594410– Complaint regarding someone using house as automotive repair shop.  Possible County Zoning regulation violation
        1. Ask if still an issue
        1. Jim spoken with resident informally, has not seen the issue. 
          1. Police cars may have shown up a few times
      1. Ticket #650433 – GSA Land auction
        1. HOA not in position to act on county zoning issues.
        1. Not equipped for advocacy
      1. Ticket # – Damaged swing set question
    1. Hunter Lang’s Realty business wants to host community Easter Egg Hunt
      1. Only for Vantage Community
      1. Park still open to residents
      1. Not endorsed by Board
      1. No guidelines for usage of park if admission isn’t charged, or residents are prevented from using the park.
  12. Upcoming events
    1. Spring Community Yard Sale – April 22nd, 2023
      1. Fairfax County spring break April 3rd-9th
      1. Catholic and other schools would be 9th-14th
      1. Suggest April 22nd
    1. Picnic – Set for September 9th, 2023
      1. After Labor Day, 3 Sept. 
      1. 9 or 16 Sept are the next Saturdays
      1. Past few years have been the 10th or 11th
    1. Fall Community Yard Sale – September 16th, 2023
    1. Santa Visit – December 16th, 2023
  13. Adjournment: 8:44pm
  14. Follow-up Action Items
    1. Eric will draft email to Pia’s firm for quote
    1. Eric will post disclosure package link more prominently
    1. Eric will update auto-reply email, make it more clear