Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on April 10th, 2023

  1. Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on May 8th, 2023
  2. Commencement: 5/8 7:04pm
    1. Attendance: Dan King, Anna Urman, Eric Kerby, Jim McDonald, Andy Hernandez, 
  3. Previous Meeting Minutes: April minutes for regular and special session, accepted
  4. Business conducted between meetings:
  5. Old Business
    1. Officer Elections/President, Vice President
  6. New Business
    1. Private Streets Committee
      1. Members needed, committee chair
      2. Private streets need new signs, green signs with the numbers are faded
        1. Proposal to use HOA funds to renew signs
          1. Put call to community to inventory signs
    2. Updates from Special Session
  7. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Expenditures
      1. Larger than usual landscaping bill
        1. Two bills combined
      2. Legal bill
      3. Tree removal
    2. 5-6 disclosures have come in the last month
      1. completed and cleared
    3. Community dues assessment
      1. Email to community to begin paying
        1. Online payment available
      2. Letters to go out, tentative Memorial Day weekend
      3. No change to amounts
  8. Architectural Control (AC) Committee
    1. Busy time for disclosure packets
  9. Common Grounds/Playground Committees
    1. Likely meeting Thursday evening at park to discuss options, meet around 6pm
      1. Hunter, Anna, Tabitha to meet
      2. 20-40,000 price range
      3. Also looking into fitness-oriented equipment
    2. Recommend holding off on mulch until new equipment arrives
  10. Website Administration/Documentation
    1. Brian will remain on private streets and neighborhood watch committees
    2. Confirmed with Kerri that AC members are:
      1. Kerri, Madeline, Marcy
  11. The Villager
    1. Message about community yard sale went out
    2. Not enough articles for full edition
      1. Angela will continue to solicit for input
  12. Other Business
    1. Picnic planning
      1. Vendors, booking, coordination
    2. Space for annual meeting, October 16th 2023
      1. Virginia Hills center
        1. Try to get larger room
  13. Upcoming events
    1. Picnic September 9th, 2023
    2. Annual Meeting October 16th
    3. Fall Community Yard Sale September 16th, 2023
    4. Santa Visit – December 16th, 2023
  14. Adjournment: 7:32
  15. Follow-up Action Items
    1. Private Street Signs inventory, message to community (Anna)