Vantage Association Document Library

This page contains various documents that are useful to Vantage residents, including a plat map, annual meeting notes, rules, forms, etc. See below for a list of documents available.

Vantage Homes Association Documents

  • Vantage General Information (120K PDF)
    One-page introduction to Vantage with a short discussion of the governing documents.
  • Vantage Articles of Incorporation (23K PDF)
    Created the Association as a Virginia Corporation
  • Vantage Declaration of Covenants (235K PDF)
    Basic governing document applicable to all lots in Vantage
  • Vantage Bylaws (45KB PDF)
    Vantage Homes Association Bylaws, updated October 2008.
  • Vantage Community Rules (14KB PDF)
    Single-page encapsulation of the Vantage community rules. Updated May 2009.
  • Architectural Guidelines (181KB PDF) and preceding 1994 Architectural Guidelines (4.1MB PDF)
    Guidelines for requesting approval from the Architectural Committee for changes to Vantage properties. These guidelines are also included in the disclosure package below.
  • Vantage HOA Complaint Procedure (422K PDF)
    Procedure for Vantage residents to file a complaint about the association with the State Common Interest Community Board
  • Record of Complaint (843KB PDF)
    Form for residents to use when submitting a complaint about violations in the Vantage community
  • Private Street Disbursement Procedure (15KB PDF)
    Procedures and form for residents living on private streets to request disbursements from their shared funds
  • Vantage Plat Map (1,300KB PDF)
    Letter-size map of the Vantage community, showing property borders, land plot numbers, and common area locations
  • Vantage Plat Map (alternate) (1,048KB PDF)
    Tabloid (11×17)-formatted line-drawing map from the Fairfax County records. Slightly clearer than the one above, but without showing common area locations.
  • Approach to Enforcement (112K PDF)
    An explanation from the Association Board of Directors on its approach to enforcement of Association rules.

Disclosure Documents

Virginia state law requires that home buyers in Vantage be provided with a Disclosure Package, and the law specifies the content of the disclosure package, including association financial information, status of the property’s account, and a statement regarding any rule violations of the property. Home sellers in Vantage are advised to get a disclosure package when they start the sales process so they can give buyers a disclosure package as soon as the sale is committed. Buyers have a short period after receiving the disclosure package when they can cancel the sale without penalty, and it is wise to complete that period well before the planned closing.

Requests for a complete Disclosure Package can be submitted using the form below.

–> Disclosure Package Order Form <–

Board Meeting Minutes

Local Area Documents