Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on August 9, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:39 pm with Hal Allen, Tony O’Connor, Eric Kerby, Amanda Linares, Dave Balandrin, Jane Rueger and Earl Hughes in attendance.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: The Board approved the minutes of the July 2017 meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer presented a balance sheet as of August 8, 2017, the checking account register July 1- August 8, 2017, and a budget-vs-actual report. About 27 households have not yet paid the 2017-18 dues.  The Treasurer will add a $10 late fee to each remaining unpaid dues invoice and turn them over to the attorney for further processing.  The Board accepted the report.
  3. Vantage Web Site: Eric reported that he contacted the web hosting service about creating a new account, and that request for a new account is in process. Once complete, Eric anticipates having control over the site content and able to revise and update them.
  4. Audit Update: Earl investigated the estimated costs for an audit from the tax preparation firm that prepared the HOA taxes.  The initial estimate came in to be very expensive, about 20-25% of the HOA’s annual budget.  Earl continues to work with them to refine the estimate for the needed service.
  5. Playground Update: 16 cubic yards of chips, no fabric, new estimate is $1300.  The Board would like to update the estimate to include fabric laid down, which the Board anticipates would add roughly $300 to the total.  Amanda will get an updated estimate.  Separately, Dave has followed up with one of the estimates for the basketball court re-surfacing.  The best estimate thus far is $9500.  Dave will find out whether the renovations can be completed before the September picnic.  In addition, Amanda has continued to investigate options for a shade system and will update the Board regarding options and pricing.
  6. Picnic Planning: The picnic will be September 9.  Courtney agreed via email to coordinate the picnic again this year.  The board agreed and voted as follows:
    • Trash & recycle bins: Courtney suggested that the Board replace the flimsy garbage bag frames with borrowed trash and recycle bins.  Courtney and Jane have trash and recycle bins that can be used; Tony can provide a trash bin also.
    • The Board approved the expense for a new canopy. Earl will order.
    • Jane & Robin and Earl will help with set up and will man the grill for first half
    • Dave and Tony will man the grill for the second half
    • Hal, Amanda, Eric and Tony will help with clean up
    • Board members will procure the goods and perishables for the picnic that they procured last year
  7. Annual Meeting Preparation: The annual meeting will be on Monday, October 16, 2017.  Hal will prepare the proxy letter with the goal of mailing the proxy letters by the September HOA meeting.  Treasurer will present a budget draft at the September HOA meeting.
  8. Next Meeting: The next Board meeting will be 7:30 PM September 11 at Jane’s house (7012 Whetstone Rd).
  9. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.