Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on November 13, 2017

Minutes of HOA Annual Meeting on November 13, 2017

Amended April 18, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:32pm with Hal Allen, Tony O’Connor, Amanda Linares, Jane Rueger and Eric Kerby in attendance.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: The Board approved via email the minutes from the September 2017 meeting. The Board approved the minutes of the October 2017 annual meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer presented the Treasurer’s Report by email. The Board accepted the Treasurer’s report.
  3. Santa Visit: To be held on December 16.  Tony will coordinate with the firemen for the fire truck and purchase of candy canes.  Jane will confirm that she can provide backup transportation for Santa.
  4. Follow Up From Annual Meeting:
    1. Earl Hughes contacted Fairfax County about drainage culvert overgrowth / cleaning
    2. The Board also discussed whether to take action at this time regarding traffic calming measures on Vantage Drive. The Board decided not to take action absent a specific request from a homeowner with concern about traffic speed who is willing to spearhead the VDOT process, particularly given that it is uncertain how many in Vantage want traffic calming measures and the utility of traffic calming to actually slow traffic down along all of Vantage.
    3. The Board discussed options for assisting elderly or others in the community who may need assistance during emergencies and heavy snow storms. Concerns were raised regarding identifying vulnerable members of our community publicly as they may be targeted by criminals.  The Board also noted that during emergencies, neighbors often help those in need.  The Board therefore decided that no further action was necessary.
  5. Airplane Traffic Complaint: By email, the Board responded to a complaint regarding an alleged increase in air traffic over the community.  The Board decided not to take further action after research showed no change in traffic patterns in the last several months.
  6. Posting of Minutes to Vantage Website: Secretary will redact the names of complainants and the identifying information of the home that is the subject of each complaint before the minutes are posted on the website, to protect confidentiality.
  7. Playground Update: On the evening of September 20, the Vantage Homes Association Board discussed the basketball court paving contractor’s request for payment in full upon completion of the paving work on September 21 vice upon completion of the entire job when the striping is done on September 24.  The contract between Vantage Homes Association and George Paving to repave the basketball court calls for a price of $10,000, with half due in advance and half due on completion of the work.  The work includes clearing out the edges of the court, cleaning the surface, paving the court, and re-striping the basketball markings.  We paid the first $5000 on August 15, but weather and a serious illness in the contractor’s family delayed the work until now.  The contractor asked for early payment in full due to the family illness costs, and the Board considered it via an e-mail discussion.  The board voted via e-mail to approve paying $2500 upon satisfactory completion of the paving, planned for September 21, and paying the remaining $2500 upon satisfactory completion of the striping, planned for September 24.  The measure was approved by Hughes, Balandrin, Rueger, and Linares;  Allen and Kerby had not responded as of this writing.
  8. Board Actions Taken By Email. The Board approved Treasurer’s motion to appoint an audit committee of Karen Ashworth (chair) and David Powers, both of 4410 Vantage Ct, and Bill McGeehan of 4523 Flintstone Rd, as an audit committee to conduct a financial audit of the Vantage accounts for fiscal (and calendar) 2016 using the committee audit procedures approved by the Board in 2011.  Further, the Board approved the Treasurer’s motion that the Audit Committee be authorized to revise the audit procedures as necessary to conform to newer banking practices such as on-line account access not contemplated in the original procedures, subject to Board approval.
  9. Next Meeting: The next Board meeting will be on December 11, 2017.
  10. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.