Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on March 28th, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:43pm with Dave Balandrin, Anna Urman, Eric Kerby, Jim McDonald, Carlos Chadha, and Liz Loevner in attendance.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: Minutes from the February 2019 meeting were unanimously approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • The Treasurer shared reports of recent account activity and balances. A recent property settled overdue dues in the amount of $2300. Annual tax forms for the Association are nearly complete.
  3. Other Business:
    • Storage Building: The Board voted via email prior to the meeting to approve the 8×8 storage shed construction estimate from Hector Martinez. Carlos shared recently obtained information from Hector. The latest version of the estimate provides a scope of work for $5600. The Board plans to obtain clarification/details on the building paint and shingle color and exact placement and orientation. Carlos will provide Hector with a deposit check for $3600 and schedule the work.
    • Vantage Quarterly: Stephanie completed, printed, and organized delivery of the second quarter 2019 Vantage quarterly newsletter.
    • Park signage: Carlos will ask Hector Martinez for an estimate on installing signage at the park if the Board proceeds with purchasing the signs. When Anna asked for a second estimate, the business referred her back to FastSigns (see Jan 2019 minutes). Potential wording for the sign:
      • [Swirly Slide] Park hours:
      • Dawn to Dusk
      • –   Maintained by   –
      • Vantage Homes Association
  4. Arborist survey: Liz has been working to coordinate a meeting in the neighborhood with arborist Matt Barker. She is reviewing her list of other arborists as well.
    • Architectural Committee: Jim has met with Karen and Dave, other members of the committee. They have been discussing recent submissions for architectural approval. An informal complaint was also discussed, but the complainant will be provided the formal submission instructions to proceed.
    • Community Yard Sale Preparation: Liz and Dave are coordinating to put up the Yard Sale announcement sign on the Sunday or Monday prior to the April 27th yard sale date.
    • The Board discussed the neighborhood barrier on Bedrock Rd. The area is overgrown and not visually pleasing. The Board will advise nearby homeowners to contact the County (such as Supervisor McKay’s office) or the State since the area is on a state-owned road.
  5. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:18pm.