Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on February 13, 2020

Meeting called to order at 7:16 p.m. with Eric Kerby, Anna Urman, Hal Allen, Liz Loevner, Jim McDonald.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes:
    • Minutes from the November 2019 meeting: Jim McDonald proposed the a change to the minutes, as indicated on VHA Board Minutes 2019 11 Rev.
    • With that change, November Meeting Minutes Are approved
    • Minutes from the December 2019 meeting: approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • The balance sheet and cash flow were reviewed. A couple disclosure packages were processed in the previous month. Legal and insurance bills paid.
    • Anna and Eric set up the paypal account for Vantage HOA, will create forms for payments.
  3. Other Business:
    1. Volunteer Opportunities:
      • Santa Claus Visit. Volunteer was fantastic. Researched the route, was helpful in guiding the firetruck around the neighborhood, and did a great job.
      • Erika created “signups” for volunteer opportunities, next step is to market / advertise / publish broadly to encourage signing up.
    2. Grounds:
      • The need to clean out a clogged drainage pipe in the park was discussed as a possible volunteer opportunity before seeking additional contractor estimates – still seeking opportunities, Eric will talk to Erika.
      • Regarding large culvert – no resolution. Hal thinks it may be State property.
    3. Park Signage:  Posted as a volunteer opportunity to obtain quotes & assistance.
    4. Architectural Control Committee:
      • No updates. 
      • Gas line on Coldbrooke – there is no leak, confirmed by Washington Gas. WG came out twice; they were not able to share anything with Liz; the street appears to deteriorate. Dave formally responded to the homeowner on Dec 20 on behalf of the Board.
      • 7123 Whetstone Rd – had some storm damage to siding and was asking Board if there’s anything formal she needs to do. Jim will reply stating that if replacement is in line with current siding, the homeowner doesn’t need to ask the Board.
  4. Complaints
    • 7124 Whetstone: the shed looks unkempt, some brush needs to be cleaned up. Will keep an eye on the property through the spring to see if the Homeowner takes care of the property.
    • Dog poop complaint – Liz will respond saying that we abide by County rules regarding pet leashes and litter.
  5. Proposed Dates for major 2020 events
    • Yard Sales – April 25, Oct 17
    • Picnic – September 12
    • HOA Annual meeting – October 19
    • Santa Visit – December 19
  6. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.