Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on March 19, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:33pm with Dave Balandrin, Eric Kerby, Anna Urman, Erica King, Liz Loevner, Jim McDonald. *Meeting conducted remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes:
    1. February 2020 minutes approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report
    • 2 new Disclosure package requests.
    • Anna is getting the taxes prepared to submit by end of March.
    • BB&T CDs expired March 2020, Anna will initiate transfer to a money market account.
  3. Other Business:
    1. Volunteer Opportunities update
      • Joni – responded to insurance quote request. No other volunteer responses yet. Erica will “bump” other requests, per details discussed below.
    2. Yard Sale Planning – Aprilyard sale postponed until further notice per COVID-19 guirance.
    3. Community Picnic planning.  Volunteer opportunity for picnic committee, Erica will post to FB to get committee organized, roles assigned, begin planning.
    4. Grounds:
      1. clogged drainage pipe – Jim will take a photo, Erica will re-post to facebook for volunteers willing to unclog pipe, if no responses, Erica will call for a few quotes to hire a contractor.
      2. large culvert – County responsibility. Dave to follow up with county.
      3. Park Signage – Erica will post volunteer opportunity, and possibly call contractors.   (Note, possible to have the same contractor do both?)
  4. Community outreach
    1. Checking in on neighbors during COVID-19.  Erica will respond to volunteer – not put out his flame, but not to add another responsibility to the Board’s plate. This is the kind of grass-roots community effort that is great to see but the Board has neither the authority, resources, nor bandwidth to manage and oversee.
    2. Facebook page in general – review “about us” and discuss if changes needed.
  5. Architectural Control Committee:
    1. 7123 Whetstone Rd – siding was pre-approved, color was approved
    2. 6800 Moon Rock – patio was pre-approved. Pine fencing replacing chain-link was approved. Black aluminum fence was not approved. Homeowner will be notified that while currently disapproved, Board is in the process of reviewing architectural guidelines pertaining to fences.  (See (e) below)
    3. 4421 Flintstone – siding was pre-approved, color was approved. Color for frieze and soffit was approved
    4. 4341 Rock Creek Rd –Shed exceeds height limit for pre-approval, so will go through Architectural Committee review process (9.5ft ht).
    5. Fencing – Anna will do some research regarding fencing guidelines, propose new language to the Board to revise restrictions on other-than-wood fences.
    6. New Architectural Committee Members needed – both volunteers are moving, need to replace. Jim will draft something for Erica to post on FB, and for Stephanie to put in Newsletter.
  6. Complaints
    1. Pipestem parking issue – Mr. Coleman (4315 Rolling Stone Way). Homeowner has a valid point – at least one violation in place (car on grass). Board members agree that we don’t need to change the rules. Dave will draft a letter for Hal’s response to the homeowner and/or attorney.  
    2. Dog waste “Good evening,
      Lately, I have been finding bags of dog waste at the bottom of my trash cans. Without realizing, I pile my own trash in there, unknowingly compacting the dog waste at the bottom of the bin which creates a mess and awful cleanup. I have also noticed dog excrements in my yard and along the swirly slide park trail. Would you mind please reminding our neighbors to be more considerate and responsible with their dogs? I appreciate your time and attention to this matter. Sincerely,  Boramy Nginn”  
      Could Stephanie draft an article for the newsletter?
  7. Approved Dates for major 2020 events
    • Yard Sales – April 25 – POSTPONED INDEFINITELY, Oct 17
    • Picnic – September 12
    • HOA Annual meeting – October 19
    • Santa Visit – December 19
  8. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:56.