Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on April 23, 2020

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. with Anna Urman, Erika King, Dave Balandrin, Eric Kerby, Liz Loevner, Jim McDonald. *Meeting conducted remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic.


Previous Meeting Minutes:

March 2020 minutes approved.

  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Taxes done.  As a non-profit, we do not owe any taxes.  The income generated from disclosures does not meet the threshold for tax purposes.
    • Online payment pilot
      • Disclosure packages set up for electronic payment.  One has already been paid this way.
      • Eric finalizing updates for electronic payments for Annual Assessment Dues.  Currently “live” for board members to review/test.  Eric will add checkbox to allow users to opt in to receive HOA notifications via email used for payment.  Once complete, we should send advance notice to members via social media and DL to encourage electronic payments and reduce manual checks/postal costs.  Eric and Anna to add language to mailed invoice for electronic payments.  Account number is tied to address, not owner. 
      • PayPal transaction fee 3.9% comes from HOA proceeds.  PayPal policy does not permit raising rates to offset the fee.
    • Expenses up due to two large payments for insurance and tree removal.  Income low as majority received from dues in June and July. 
  • Other Business:
    • Architectural guidelines
      • Discussed if requirements to revise.  No knowledge of history on establishing/amending guidelines.  Board comfortable approving revision for additional fencing materials.  Anna will draft new item 5 note E.
      • Discussed response timelines.  Informal goal to respond within 72 hours or less, especially for electronic submissions.  Eric will establish submission portal through website which also tracks pending items. May also be able to automate acknowledgement response. Dave will draft update of existing form to be converted to electronic version.
      • Need to revise rule to provide response on form as responses are currently provided by email. 
    • Volunteer Opportunities – Erika re-posted Architectural Committee opportunity on FB and NextDoor; no responses yet.  Erika will draft flyer to be mailed with assessment invoices first week of May.  Eric testing email distribution list (DL) option and will provide information for registration to be included in flyer.  Currently have about 8-9 names on DL gathered from last annual meeting.
    • Community Picnic planning – Anna will reach out to Carlos to establish vendor inventory.  Liz and Dave will help with planning. Jim will help with clean-up.
    • Grounds –
      • clogged drainage pipe / culvert / signage
        • Erika attempted to get a quote, but no response.  Will try again.
        • Jim may attempt to clear the pipe.
      • split tree takedown – tree removed and invoice paid
      • asphalt path in park – Dave and Jim will get quotes for patching, seal coat, and full replacement.
    • Newsletter – Unknown if Stephanie will be stepping down from role with newsletter.  Dave will follow-up with her to determine software used.  Discussion on making next newsletter digital and cross linked to Facebook, NextDoor, and DL.
    • Board Secretary – Stephanie resigned as Secretary; need to appoint successor from existing board members.  Will follow-up discussion via email.
  • Community outreach
    • Facebook page in general – no discussion.  Item inadvertently left on agenda from previous meeting.
  • Architectural Control Committee:
    • Architectural Committee requires minimum of three members.  Currently has only Jim (and Stephanie has expressed interest).  Jim will accept requests and respond if pre-approved.  If not pre-approved, Jim will send draft response for board’s approval.
    • 4341 Rock Creek Road – Shed structure approved; possibility other changes made without approval.
    • 4348 Rock Creek Road – Roof replacement to commence soon; owner will be submitting request for garage door and windows.
  • Complaints – 7124 Whetstone Rd – Some changes made regarding yard, shed, tree, and vines but additional changes may be needed.
  • Proposed Dates for major 2020 events
    • Yard Sales – April 25, Oct 17
    • Picnic – September 12
    • HOA Annual meeting – October 19
    • Santa Visit – December 19
  • Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.