Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on September 23, 2020

  1. Commencement: Meeting called to order at 6:05 p.m. with Anna Urman, Carlos Chadha, Dave Balandrin, Eric Kerby, Erika King, Jim McDonald, and Liz Loevner in attendance, along with homeowners Brian Mazuc, Chad Stockman, and Michael Coleman.  Meeting conducted remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved August 2020 minutes
  • Homeowners Addressing Board
    • Michael Coleman addressed the board regarding cars parked on his pipestem which have created issues such as preventing him from turning his car around in the pipestem, an ambulance was unable to reach his house without driving on the grass, and MetroAccess has been unable to reach his house.  He indicated Fairfax County Police Department will not take action because it is a private drive and there are no HOA rules prohibiting parking there.
      • Board’s response:  The board sympathizes but the powers of the board are intentionally limited and it is not within our authority to address or enforce private land use which falls under the purview of Fairfax County.  The board is willing to participate in discussions with Mr. Coleman and his neighbors in a mediatory capacity but cannot dictate the outcome. 
    • Brian Mazuc addressed the board regarding the AC Guidelines as they pertain to his desire to install an aluminum or steel fence for increased security and ease of maintenance.  He has not yet submitted a request to the AC because he believed his request was expressly prohibited by the guidelines.  He also indicated there is one area where a tree straddles the property line and his intent, with neighboring owner’s approval, to install his fence around the tree which would partially be on the neighbor’s property.
      • Board’s response:  Aluminum and steel fences are not pre-approved but they are also not expressly prohibited.  The AC has historically granted one exception for a metal fence along the back property line only.  Mr. Mazuc should submit his request for review.  The board advised him that he should be cautious about moving forward with installing any portion of his fence on the neighbor’s property.  The current owner may agree, but future owners may not.  In the event of a future complaint, the fence on that property would have to be removed in accordance with county plat lines.
      • Jim disagrees with this response as he does not feel the board can grant an exception to approve the proposed materials.
    • Chad Stockman addressed the board regarding issues with Fairfax County and VDOT not maintaining the vegetation on county property behind his fence.  They have only been mowing the grass, but there is a tree which is destroying his fence.  He asked if the board had any suggestions or contacts to help address the issue.
      • Board’s response: Dave left messages with Urban Forestry and Public works but has not yet received a response.  Suggested that Mr. Stockman reach out to Public Works or the Lee District Supervisor’s Office.  He may also want to consider posting to the Facebook group to see if other neighbors would like to coordinate a complaint as multiple complainants may get more attention.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Annual dues still trickling in, processed about 5 disclosure packages in past month
    • Main expenses: landscaping, website hosting/domain fee (used to be billed 2x/year, now monthly); payment for tree in the common area behind Whetstone still pending (Anna sent reminder for invoice)
    • Next large bill will be insurance.  Anna reached out to the volunteer from last year about getting quotes for next year.  Also need to determine if we need to add coverage for the shed at the park.
    • CD transition to money market: still pending
    • Association Management Portal: QuickBooks ($95/mo.) is the easiest to implement; requires the least changes to existing infrastructure.  We could consider using savings from the cancelled picnic to cover costs for the first year, but the cost would be ongoing and would have to be addressed for future years.  Eric wants to review technical details before a decision is made.
  • Other Business
    • Annual Meeting Planning
      • Notice must be distributed to homeowners at least 15 days prior to the annual meeting.  Goal: finalize draft and have ready to send out by this weekend (no later than 9/27)
        • Need draft letter
        • Instructions for accessing online platform and invitation to join early to address any technical issues
        • Need mailing labels, stamps, and envelopes
      • Platform needs to enable a way to establish quorum, take votes, and present documents.  Also need option to provide links to documents for those only connected via phone.
        • GoToMeeting only accommodates 150 attendees and does not have a polling option.  May need to consider alternate platform or upgrade to GoToWebinar
      • Agenda items
        • Board Elections for 3 expiring terms (Hal, Dave, and Jim)
        • Present Treasurer’s annual budget report
        • Due to special circumstances of this fully remote annual meeting which may already run longer than usual, will forego a guest speaker
        • Updates to AC Guidelines
        • Others TBD
    • Grounds
      • Park asphalt: still need quotes; can also check with Hector Martinez who did concrete pad for park shed
      • Bridge: railing repaired by Jim and Dave 8/26; no structural concerns identified – cracks are on the flashing, not the telephone poles which actually support the bridge
      • Landscaping Contract, due in December, ~8k/year; discussed possibility of adding additional trash cans or dog waste cans in the neighborhood.  Would require approval from owner, county, and/or VDOT.  Concerns regarding maintenance.  Will consider additional receptacles at the park entrances.
    • Community Food Drive outcome: Approximately 300 lbs. of food donated to Capital Area Food Bank; should consider making it an annual activity
    • Website
      • Ticketing system – everyone will need an account on server and on NextCloud (separate accounts); goal: Eric to demo for November meeting
      • Links for annual dues and disclosure packages – no updates
      • Links for commonly requested documents – no updates
    • Mailing List distribution
      • Goal: send out annual meeting notification here also
  • Architectural Control Committee
    • Brian Mazuc and Madeline Lussier volunteered to join the AC Committee and were appointed by the board
    • Architectural Guidelines
      • Revisions accepted and will be posted
      • Electronic form – no updates at this time
  • Complaints
    • 7124 Whetstone Road property maintenance
    • Woodstone HOA failure to maintain common area as reported by V. Nichols for the greenway that runs parallel on East side of Rolling Stone Way
    • Tree behind 4320 Stream Bed Way – just had arborist out to review trees on the HOA property and was not flagged at that time; will need to review
  • Proposed Dates for major 2020 events
    • Yard Sales – Oct 17
    • HOA Annual meeting – October 19 (remote only)
    • Santa Visit – December 19
  • Adjournment: 8:18 p.m.
  1. Follow-up Action Items
    1. Carlos and Dave: mediation discussion with Mr. Coleman and neighbors regarding parking situation
    2. Eric and Anna: confer regarding technical aspects of a Management Portal
    3. Eric: work with Hal to draft annual meeting notification with placeholders for technical details
    4. Eric and Erika: research platform options to support annual meeting requirements (MS Teams, Facebook poll, Conferencecall.com, Doodle, GoToWebinar, etc.); Mr. Mazuc offered to help with this also
    5. Eric: print letters once finalized
    6. Eric: prepare notification to be sent via email distribution as well
    7. Anna: print mailing labels, obtain envelopes and postage; drop off at Erika’s house
    8. Erika and Dave: Stuff envelopes and drop notifications at post office
    9. Dave: provide Mr. Mazuc with specs for Swirly Slide Park asphalt replacement.  Dave and Mr. Mazuc will obtain quotes to replace park path with asphalt and/or concrete
    10. Dave: quotes for landscaping contract
    11. Eric: post new AC guidelines
    12. Dave: contact homeowner and obtain estimates re: tree issue on Stream Bed Way
    13. Carlos: follow-up with Woodstone HOA
    14. Jim: follow-up with owners at 7124 Whetstone
    15. Anna: coordinate with volunteer re: insurance quotes
    16. Jim: notify new AC Committee volunteers of appointment by board and provide names to Eric and Erika for minutes/update to website
    17. Eric or Erika: update AC members on website