Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on August 19, 2020

  1. Commencement: Meeting called to order at 5:10 p.m. with Anna Urman, Carlos Chadha, Dave Balandrin, Elizabeth Loevner, Erika King, and Jim McDonald. *Meeting conducted remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Previous Meeting Minutes: Approved July 2020 minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Expenses:
      • Still processing incoming payments; outstanding annual dues: $4,092
      • Expenses – landscaping, sign installation, tree invoice (pending payment), bank service charge (PayPal invoices)
      • 6-month CDs expire 9/10/20; scheduled to transition to money market account 9/11/20
    • Association Management Portal
      • Services range $40-$180/month for service; all are subscription-based models with varying features
        • GoToMyAccounts for Quickbooks is $95/month and enables self-service for paying bills online and view bills; integrates with HOA’s existing software
      • Discussed potential increase to annual dues by $5/month to cover these expenses plus inflationary costs
  • Other Business
    • Architectural Guidelines
      • Draft Revisions – Proposed changes approved; document will be updated for formatting and published without further need to review
      • Electronic form for AC requests:
        • Under development; once implemented, will update the revised AC Guidelines to reference electronic form(s) location and removal of paper form as needed without further review
    • Volunteer Opportunities: no changes
    • Community Picnic Planning
      • Social Media Survey Results – roughly 50% of respondents were not comfortable attending; will be cancelled
      • Alternate community activity: food bank collection
    • Annual Meeting Planning
      • Suggestion: open meeting half hour before meeting start time to provide time to work out logistics/issues; encourage connecting via computer; need to establish ground rules to announce at beginning of meeting (mute yourself unless speaking; enter questions in chat)
      • Will proceed with GoToMeeting option
    • Grounds
      • Park signage: 3 signs installed 8/11/20; payment sent; item complete
      • UPS damage to Flintstone pipestem; payment provided; item complete
      • Park asphalt: awaiting quotes
      • Bridge: railing needs to be fixed; may need to be evaluated for additional work
      • Fallen tree in common area behind Whetstone Rd: addressed via email; payment pending
      • Landscaping Contract
    • Ticketing system: no updates
    • Website links for annual dues and disclosure packages: no updates
    • Mailing List distribution: no updates
  • Architectural Control Committee
    • No additional volunteers as yet
    • Disclosures
      • 7009 Whetstone – compliant
      • 7125 Whetstone Rd – compliant
      • 4416 Coldbrooke Ct – compliant
      • 4408 Rollingbrooke – shed not in compliance
  • Complaints
    • Issues with Woodstone HOA – failure to maintain common area as reported by V. Nichols for the greenway that runs parallel on East side of Rolling Stone Way
    • 7124 Whetstone Road property still not maintained, initial complaint March 2019; is further board action needed?
  • Proposed Dates for major 2020 events
    • Picnic September 12 (cancelled)
    • Yard Sales – Oct 17
    • HOA Annual meeting – October 19 (remote only)
    • Santa Visit – December 19
  • Adjournment: 7:10 p.m.
  • Follow-up Action Items
  1. Anna: AC Guidelines – complete formatting/add headers to table/ensure table entries do not break across pages/remove references to old H note and re-letter remaining items
    1. Anna: analysis of portal options/features
    2. Dave: draft message regarding cancellation of picnic for Facebook
    3. Erika: remove picnic date from website
    4. Dave: follow-up with asphalt quotes
    5. Jim: quote to replace concrete section
    6. Jim: review bridge to evaluate what repairs may be needed
    7. Carlos: contact Woodstone HOA
    8. Anna: Draft budget proposal for inclusion with President’s letter – need to include HOA fees increase/budget; need to include updates to AC Guidelines
    9. Erika: Draft technical instructions for annual meeting
    10. Carlos, Dave, & Liz: Food drive planning