Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on March 16, 2021

  1. Commencement: Meeting called to order at 7:09 p.m. with board members Anna Urman, Brian Mazuc, Carlos Chadha, Dave Balandrin, Eric Kerby, Erika King, and Jim McDonald in attendance. Angela Harrison Eng, The Villager editor, also in attendance. Meeting conducted remotely due to COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Previous Meeting Minutes:
    • Approved February minutes.
  • New Business
    • The Villager
      • Goal to publish by April 1st
        • Angela will prepare content for Virginia Hills Pool Ad, adopt-a-highway history, and gardening tips
        • Board will prepare/Angela will edit content for new ticketing system, spring cleaning/trash items/doggie doo pickup, and HOA dues online payments
    • Expenditure of board funds and reserve study
      • Reviewed draft reserve study template; will update to project historical expenses forward and then redistributed to the board for follow-up discussion via email; if increasing dues, must have notices ready to send out at least 30 days in advance of assessment (immediately following April meeting); will need draft language and to identify any information to be included with dues statements.
    • HOA document storage/retention/modernization
      • Scanning underway; once scanned, will upload to NextCloud and also back up to external hard drive to be reimbursed from HOA funds
      • Need to research county/HOA recommendations to establish document retention policy
    • New landscaping contract activates in April; check in April to ensure new contract amount billed
    • Set 2021 Community Event Dates
      • Spring Yard Sale: due to pandemic, will skip unless brought up by community; if so, will conduct poll on Facebook to determine level of interest
      • Picnic & Food Drive (September 11)
      • Fall Yard Sale (October 2)
      • Annual Meeting (October 18)
      • Santa Visit (December 18)
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • Main expenses
      • Insurance: Director’s liability
    • BB&T CDs moved to a new bank account on 3/10
      • 1 general fund moved to checking account
      • 4 private street funds moved to new, separate accounts
    • SunTrust account still to be transitioned
    • Federal and State 2020 taxes filed: no liabilities
  • Architectural Control Committee
    • AC Report
      • Ticket#762670 – Fence – Approved
      • Ticket#203346 – Fence question – Answered
      • Ticket#633044 – Antenna question/AC Guideline Definition – Pending Customer Response
      • Ticket#805204 – Fence – Approved (Pre-Approved)
      • Disclosure Package – 4404 Hillside Ct (08Mar) – 1 Violation noted
      • Disclosure Package – 4329 Rock Creek Rd (11Mar) – No Violations noted
    • AC members not on the board also need access to AC-related tickets in the new ticketing system
  • Private Streets Committee
    • First meeting scheduled for 3/17
  • Website Administration/Documentation
    • New ticketing system is working well; some spam or bounce back tickets from invalid email addresses – looking into ways to prevent
    • Preparing for 2021 dues collection
  • Volunteer Coordination
    • Adopt-a-highway pickup completed March 13th. Seven volunteers collected 10 bags of trash plus assorted larger trash; about 14 man-hours of work performed.
  • Other Business
    • Complaints:
      • Homeowner: Tree fell from common grounds near homeowner’s property. Although tree was removed, it left behind a rut now filling with water and causing damage to a tree on the homeowner’s property. Board: Onsite visit and photos show the tree on the homeowner’s property has a chain embedded in it and sits on higher ground than the low spots from where the previous tree fell; no further action
      • Homeowner: Property at 7124 Whetstone still has the issues 1) bush overhanging the sidewalk forces people to duck to walk under it and 2) falling down shed. AC to review.
    • Previous action items
      • Lee District Land Use Committee – Committee, chaired by Ed Joseph, reviews land use proposals and provides recommendations to the District Planning Commissioner on topics such as addressing storm water runoff, traffic, parks, and schools; meets monthly or less with a set agenda; each HOA entitled to designate 1 voting member for committee
      • Will determine process to designate a voting member; Carlos will attend April meeting and then board members will rotate attendance
  1. Adjournment: 8:56 p.m.
  1. Follow-up Action Items
    1. TBD: draft language for annual dues notices
    2. All: provide additional estimates for updated draft reserve study and conduct further discussion via email for final decision on potential dues increase in advance of April meeting
    3. Anna: The Villager language to Angela by 3/24 – paying HOA dues online
    4. Anna: recode QuickBooks with new bank account information
    5. Brian: Identify estimated volume of scanned documents and purchase or provide recommendation to Anna for purchase of external hard drive
    6. Brian & Eric: coordinate for non-board AC members access to the ticketing system specific to AC tickets
    7. Carlos: attend April meeting of Lee District Land Use Committee; determine process for designating voting member for our HOA
    8. Dave: The Villager language to Angela by 3/24 – spring cleaning/trash items/doggie doo pickup
    9. Eric: The Villager language to Angela by 3/24 – new ticketing system
    10. Eric: research options to address/prevent tickets generated as spam or invalid email bounce backs
    11. Erika: Update Reserve Study with projections based on historical expenses and distribute via email by 3/24
    12. Erika: research county/HOA retention policy
    13. Jim: visit 7124 Whetstone property again regarding recent complaint