Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on July 12, 2021

  • Commencement: Meeting called to order at 7:09 p.m. with board members Anna Urman, *Brian Mazuc, *Carlos Chadha, *Eric Kerby, Erika King, and Jim McDonald in attendance.  *Attended remotely. 
  • Previous Meeting Minutes:  
    • Approved June minutes 
  • New Business 
    • Community Picnic & Food Drive planning 
    • Anna will coordinate meeting with volunteers 
    • Legal review/update from attorney 
    • Jim, Anna, and Brian met with attorney Pia Trigiani; positive experience; attorney would price each project/request individually rather than on retainer; Board will submit request for quote on 2 private streets issues (gas pipeline trench and use of common property) 
    • HOA is under-resourced and unprepared to deal with any major issue; need to formalize processes 
      1. recommended formal reserve study to determine private street needs and fee structure/plan 
      2. recommended membership in “CAIDC.org” ($250/year) and subscription with Quorum magazine for peer support/best practices 
      3. written policy for access to board meetings is a legal requirement; will be uploaded to document library and included with written notice of annual meeting 
  • Treasurer’s Report 
    • Main expenses: landscaping, postage supplies 
    • Income: approximately 310 annual dues paid and approximately 100 outstanding for this year’s dues 
    • PayPal fees to increase about $.25/transaction effective 10/1/21 
    • Need to coordinate audit to meet requirement in Bylaws Section 8, Article 8; last one conducted by committee in FY2016 
    • QB Portal free trial to be tested later this month 
  • Private Streets (PS) Committee 
    • Based on legal recommendation, want to investigate formal reserve study as mechanism to determine magnitude of PS needs and way forward; will need to identify service providers and obtain estimates 
  • Neighborhood Watch (NW) 
    • New Volunteer: Michael Spencer 
    • Sign installation being coordinated 
  • Website Administration/Documentation 
    • Working on workflow for disclosure packages 
  • Volunteer Coordination 
    • May need volunteers for audit committee; more information to follow 
  • The Villager 
    • Angela finalizing draft to be published this week 
  • Other Business 
  • Complaints 
    • Complaint via email regarding unsightly views: Jim spoke with homeowner; homeowner had some work done; original complainant still feels its unsightly; other neighbors feel it looks okay; nothing egregious; no formal complaint and no further action at this time 
    • 980745 – bushes encroaching sidewalk 
      1. Not a violation of the current community rules; recommend it be addressed in future modification of rules 
      2. Recommend complainant contact VDOT; will add as standard workflow response for similar complaints in future 
    • Review pending action items 
  • Architectural Control (AC) Committee 
    • Several recent disclosure requests noted violation that were not addressed before sale; buyers took on the liability upon purchase; discussion tabled 
    • Chair proposed to accept new volunteer for AC and then reallocate 2 people to NW Committee to reduce the total AC down to 3 people due to concerns regarding efficiency and timeliness of responses; discussion tabled 
  • Upcoming events 
    • Picnic & Food Drive (September 11) 
    • Fall Yard Sale (September 18) 
    • Annual Meeting (October 18) 
    • Santa Visit (December 18) 
  • Adjournment:  9:59 p.m. 
  • Follow-up Action Items 
    • Anna: lead picnic coordination; contact volunteers and coordinate meeting 
    • Anna: research and initiate audit requirements 
    • Anna and Eric: coordinate on QB trial 
    • Brian and Eric: Coordinate request for quote to attorney 
    • Eric: send out final draft of The Villager and then post to website/email blast 
    • Eric: draft response for complaint 980745 
    • Eric: contact Marci regarding consideration for AC membership 
    • Erika: create recurring event on website with date/time of upcoming meetings & draft written policy for upload to document library 
    • Erika: assist with picnic coordination 
    • Erika: Research CAIDC & Quorum magazine and resources for formal reserve study 
    • Jim: help with picnic cleanup in September 
    • Jim: locate at least 1 company providing formal reserve studies