Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on September 13, 2021

  • Commencement: Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m. with board members *Brian Mazuc, *Carlos Chadha, Dave Balandrin, Elizabeth Loevner, *Eric Kerby, Erika King, and Jim McDonald in attendance.  *Attended remotely.
  • Previous Meeting Minutes:
    • Approved August minutes
  • New Business
    • Annual meeting planning
      • Major agenda items: Treasurer’s report and draft annual budget, reserve study, 2022 annual dues increase and future inflationary dues increases, written policy for access to monthly board meetings, AC revisions and community input plan, year-in-review summary, Fairfax County representatives, voting for new board members
      • Notifications: must be mailed no later than 10/2
      • Logistics planning document started on NextCloud
        • Planning both in person and online participation options
          • Waiting for confirmation of room availability/cost/requirements from St. Marks; else try library or Groveton Elementary
          • Board members should try to attend in person if possible
          • Will conduct dry run to test setup for room, A/V, internet connectivity and/or hot spot
          • Need webpage with links to all materials: registration, Treasurer’s report, county information, other supporting documentation, voting options, etc.
          • Eric will use his laptop to host meeting connected to camera for GoToMeeting
          • Microphones: need to limit exposure but still allow for online and in-person attendees to hear all communication; consider wireless microphone, wired microphones in fixed locations, speakers throughout room, and/or repeating back questions
          • Will follow similar process as last year to record online and in person quorum, proxies, and votes
          • Need to ensure proxy form wording is clear
        • Backup options
          • Call into GoToMeeting from a phone in the room
          • Liz can offer phone for tethering if Wi-Fi is a problem
        • Masks will be required for in person attendance
      • Supplies
        • Letters/labels/stamps
      • Need to identify presenters for each of the agenda items and determine roles during meeting
      • Year-in-review summary to include completed actions and plans for pending actions
        • Completed
          • Bridge stability
          • Park signs and pet signs added
          • Neighborhood Watch re-established
          • Digital ticketing system deployed
          • Volunteer for The Villager
        • Pending
          • Asphalt path in park
          • Concrete path to park
          • Power wash park equipment/bridge
          • Slippery bridge
          • Self-service portal
          • Clearing two culverts
          • Private streets
          • AC Guidelines revision
          • Lee District Land Use Committee
      • Board nominations
        • Voting for 3 board positions expiring in October (Vacancy, Carlos, and Anna); Carlos does not intend to self-nominate; need to confirm with Anna
    • Santa visit preparation (December 18): post volunteer opportunity
    • Lee District Land Use Committee: Carlos did not attend, will need to assign new volunteer
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • To be provided offline
  • Architectural Control (AC) Committee
    • Currently drafting revisions for review/comment between AC members
    • Document will not be ready for presentation at annual meeting, but will announce timeframe and plan for community review
      • Consider 2 mailings to ensure every home is notified: 1 with draft revisions and instructions for community comment and 1 with updated guidelines once finalized
    • Ordering plats for every home in the community for AC records
    • Documents and templates uploaded to NextCloud; need to be moved to be accessible to all board members
  • Neighborhood Watch (NW)
    • 2 signs installed, another still in original place because it was cemented in, 1 pending installation due to concerns about placement
  • The Villager
    • Eric contacted editor for late September distribution:
      • Picnic write-up
      • Annual meeting
      • NW update
      • Solicitation for joining board
      • Know your property line
  • Other Business
    • Pending tickets and tasks need to be updated with current status
    • Complaints:
      • Outside of ticketing system – received email from neighbor just outside of the community expressing concern about placement of signs and dog waste receptacle
    • Potential attorney referrals:  AC Guidelines prior to finalizing, deforestation concerns
  • Upcoming events
    • Fall Yard Sale (September 18)
      • Volunteer has posted sign
    • Annual Meeting (October 18)
    • Santa Visit (December 18)
  • Adjournment:  8:39 p.m.
  • Follow-up Action Items
    • All: annual meeting dry run
    • All: update tickets and tasks with latest status
    • Unassigned: identify options to power wash bridge & park equipment
    • Unassigned: identify options for non-slip tread on bridge
    • Unassigned: research if any remediation needed for HOA property behind Stream Bed Way; consider Fairfax County canopy restoration program / forestation management / Department of Urban Forestry at County level and review satellite imagery for change over time
    • Unassigned: Lee District Land Use Committee
    • Unassigned: annual meeting blurb for newsletter
    • Unassigned: know your property line for newsletter
    • Unassigned: determine presenters and roles for annual meeting topics
    • Anna & Jim: Photos and summary of picnic for newsletter
    • Brian & Eric: move NextCloud documents to a folder accessible by board and work to send out notifications/close out actions
    • Brian & Eric: confirm availability and requirements with St. Marks or alternative for dry run and annual meeting
    • Anna, Eric, Jim: summarize reserve study to prepare for board vote
    • Anna: provide Treasurer’s report for August to be incorporated in minutes
    • Anna: prepare next year’s draft budget and annual Treasury reports for board’s review in advance of annual meeting; draft budget to be presented at annual meeting
    • Anna: confirm if intending to self-nominate for new term with board
    • Brian: NW update for newsletter
    • Dave: prepare proposal for ideas related to nature path on HOA property for discussion at a future meeting
    • Eric: contact county representatives (McKay, etc.)
    • Eric: schedule dry run for annual meeting
    • Eric: create webpage with links to materials for remote annual meeting participants
    • Erika: post volunteer opportunities:  Santa volunteer, water source to power wash bridge and park equipment, obtain quotes for concrete path repair from Whetstone to park
    • Liz: solicitation to join board and share ideas for community improvements blurb for newsletter
  • AC Report
Ticket NumberDate CreatedSubjectHelp TopicCurrent StatusClosed Date
4527048/21/2021 22:43XeriscapingGeneral InquiryClosed9/13/2021 0:46
3909869/6/2021 17:45Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved9/13/2021 0:44
7720298/15/2021 19:28Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved8/30/2021 21:34
8070258/3/2021 4:04Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestResolved8/30/2021 18:51
1615838/20/2021 19:32Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved8/22/2021 16:17
1507288/11/2021 16:28Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved8/16/2021 18:34
3717348/13/2021 12:24Re: Architectural Project Request [#241155]General InquiryClosed8/16/2021 18:32
2411556/25/2021 20:11Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved8/13/2021 5:07
6121497/23/2021 17:21Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved7/28/2021 21:17
2219367/18/2021 13:08Disclosure package not neededGeneral InquiryClosed7/21/2021 13:16
4029037/18/2021 18:34Incomplete disclosure packageGeneral InquiryResolved7/18/2021 20:15
3106745/31/2021 18:50Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestClosed6/27/2021 1:01
6824496/2/2021 19:34Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestClosed6/24/2021 0:36
3992756/3/2021 0:02Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved6/24/2021 0:35
1309616/9/2021 1:42Re: Architectural Project Request [#274310]General InquiryApproved6/15/2021 3:55
7731095/25/2021 17:29Question on Architectural RequestGeneral InquiryApproved6/15/2021 3:47
9201555/27/2021 17:52Resale Disclosure RequestGeneral InquiryClosed6/10/2021 0:14
4842785/27/2021 18:02Sale of Disclosure PackageGeneral InquiryClosed6/10/2021 0:14
5528605/27/2021 19:25Sale of Disclosure PackageGeneral InquiryClosed6/10/2021 0:13
2743105/31/2021 15:59Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestApproved6/9/2021 0:49
7201515/31/2021 18:59Architectural Project RequestArchitectural Project RequestClosed6/4/2021 17:56
6005325/27/2021 19:26Sale of Disclosure PackageGeneral InquiryClosed5/29/2021 16:41