Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on January 10, 2022

  • Commencement: Meeting called to order at 7:04 p.m. with board members Anna Urman, Brian Mazuc, Dan King, Elizabeth Loevner, Eric Kerby, Erika King, and Jim McDonald in attendance.  Meeting held remotely.
  • Previous Meeting Minutes:
    • Approved December minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
    • The Association filed with the Common Interest Community Board the Annual Report required by Code of Virginia §55.516. The filing expires November 30, 2022, and was assigned Filing Number 0550006317.
    • PO Box renewed; 1 disclosure request; next steps: complete QuickBooks conversion
    • 2022 annual budget unanimously approved
  • Architectural Control (AC) Committee
    • Guidelines revisions delayed; new estimate to provide draft to board by March for distribution to community for comment
  • Common Grounds/Playground Committees
    • Discussed merging Common Grounds/Playground into single committee; will confirm with current chairs prior to vote
    • Ticket #837377 – tree limb from common grounds fell on property but no property damage; will remove limb from private property back to HOA property and assess if further action is needed for unfallen portion of tree
    • Playground mulch and vegetation needs attention: refer to committee for recommendations
    • Power wash water supply: letter for volunteers drafted
    • Ticket #863660 – storage structure built on HOA Common Grounds; Brian spoke with homeowner who agreed to take it down; monitor and follow-up if needed
  • Private Streets (PS) Committee
    • Received several comments about worn signs for private streets – refer to committee for recommendations
  • The Villager
    • Working to finalize updates with editor for January publication in lieu of December
  • Other Business
    • Review pending tickets/action items
  • Adjournment:  8:34 p.m.
  1. Follow-up Action Items
    • Anna & PS: Develop recommendation for addressing private street signs
    • Anna & Eric: coordinate on QB conversion next steps
    • Anna: update disclosure package to reflect 2022 approved annual budget
    • Anna: donation to St. Marks
    • Brian & AC: complete draft of updated AC guidelines
    • Brian & Liz: coordinate board volunteers for removal of tree limb (ticket #837377) and assess needs for remaining tree
    • Eric: contact Dave and Hunter regarding merge of Common Grounds/Playground committees; if so, combined committee should draft new language for home page, a procedural call to action, complete review of annual and ad hoc roles of the committee, and determine number of committee members needed
    • Hunter and/or Dave and Playground committee: assess needs for mulch and vegetation clean up
  •  AC Report
Ticket NumberDate CreatedSubjectCurrent StatusClosed Date
2051532022-01-01 20:09:35Architectural Project RequestResolved2022-01-09 17:12:53
6645082021-12-22 18:30:10Re: I’m getting my roof/shingles replaced , same color as previously . Just wanted to know if I need to do anything on my end , please let me know . [#344385]Approved2022-01-03 1:28:34