Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on December 13, 2021

  • Commencement: Meeting called to order at 7:06 p.m. with board members Brian Mazuc, Dan King, Dave Balandrin, Elizabeth Loevner, Erika King, Hunter Lang, and Jim McDonald in attendance.  Meeting conducted remotely.
  • Business conducted in writing prior to meeting
    • Request for officer nominations and committee changes
    • September, October, and November minutes approved
  • New Business
    • Officer elections and committee changes
      • Officer nominees:
        • President: Eric Kerby (reconfirmed)
        • Vice President: Hunter Lang and Dave Balandrin nominated; other nominees withdrew their nominations; Dave confirmed
        • Treasurer: Anna Urman (reconfirmed)
        • Secretary: Erika King (reconfirmed)
      • Common Grounds Committee: Liz steps down as chair but remains on committee; Hunter nominated and confirmed as committee chair
    • Recurring meeting schedule confirmed for second Mondays
    • Park path repaving
      • Unanimous vote to contract with Washington Pavements to fully repave the park path provided contractor will honor amount in original quote
    • Lee District Land Use Committee: board confirms our participation is advantageous; rotation to be established
    • Santa Visit: fire department and volunteers confirmed; Jim will be available day of to coordinate/drive lead vehicle if needed
    • Community member would like to organize a small walk/run for charity foundation — will not be blocking off any streets; no objection to organizer posting in Facebook group; event is not sponsored or endorsed by board
  • Architectural Control (AC) Committee
    • Voted to close ticket #376621 (already addressed in #394077); will obtain photos for documentation
    • Appeal on ticket #310674
      • Project approved on appeal with one dissent: portico is colonial style which is compatible with the home itself and with home styles in the neighborhood
  • The Villager
    • December distribution to move forward
  • Adjournment:  8:55 p.m.
  • Follow-up Action Items
    • Brian: Close ticket #376621 and obtain photos for records
    • Brian: ticket #310674 – notify homeowner project approved on appeal
    • Dan and Liz: coordinate rotation for attendance at Lee District Land Use Committee
    • Erika: follow-up for distribution of December Villager
    • Hunter: contact Washington Pavements to verify if they will honor previous quote
    • Jim & Liz: coordinate on candy for Santa distribution
    • Liz: place Santa signs in neighborhood and drop Santa suit off to Jim
    • Liz: resend 2 articles (know your property lines, ideas for playground/volunteering); will be delayed for March distribution of The Villager
  • AC Report
Ticket NumberDate CreatedSubjectCurrent StatusClosed Date
39407711/25/2021 21:44Incomplete letter and no telephone numberResolved12/16/2021 16:01
34438512/12/2021 20:55I’m getting my roof/shingles replaced , same color as previously . Just wanted to know if I need to do anything on my end , please let me know .Approved12/16/2021 15:58
8070258/3/2021 4:04Architectural Project RequestClosed12/14/2021 15:21
61033212/13/2021 16:00Re: Architectural Project Request [#592337]Closed12/13/2021 16:05
79805812/10/2021 21:30Re: Prime/ 4315 Rock Creek road [#717671]Closed12/13/2021 16:01
59233712/3/2021 15:58Architectural Project RequestApproved12/13/2021 15:45
27485612/9/2021 15:50Resale docs and architectural project approvalClosed12/10/2021 15:28
7176718/26/2021 16:58Prime/ 4315 Rock Creek roadRejected12/10/2021 15:26
74372012/8/2021 11:30Neighbor’s garage door colorClosed12/8/2021 21:29
70360112/8/2021 17:15Pictures of work 7120 WhetstoneClosed12/8/2021 18:07
28540612/8/2021 17:15Pictures of work 7120 WhetstoneClosed12/8/2021 18:04
66867612/6/2021 16:45Pics for fence 7120 WhetstoneClosed12/7/2021 18:54
30469812/7/2021 18:30Pictures of corrections for HOA violations 7120 WhetstoneClosed12/7/2021 18:54
70949912/6/2021 7:45Here is the colorClosed12/6/2021 18:50
10109712/2/2021 14:30Mr KirbyClosed12/3/2021 7:46
56713711/25/2021 11:30Re: Architectural Project Request [#290442]Closed12/3/2021 7:43
14497711/29/2021 10:46Sent response to president with a suggested time but have not heard bCkClosed11/29/2021 18:35
34848511/27/2021 10:00Oh I think I forgot to tell youClosed11/27/2021 13:05
29044211/5/2021 20:16Architectural Project RequestApproved11/24/2021 21:21
86565611/20/2021 17:10Update on HOA docs for 7120 WhetstoneClosed11/24/2021 12:25
72492510/28/2021 17:31Architectural Project RequestApproved11/17/2021 22:48
14497610/1/2021 19:47Architectural Project RequestApproved11/11/2021 23:03
99085011/11/2021 14:07Issue getting HOA packetResolved11/11/2021 22:59
46689610/26/2021 13:40Architectural Project RequestApproved10/28/2021 15:53
65104910/11/2021 6:40Architectural Project RequestApproved10/13/2021 13:49
7395978/31/2021 20:26Architectural Project RequestClosed10/7/2021 20:05
3758839/29/2021 15:49Architectural Project RequestApproved10/7/2021 20:02
2764949/28/2021 19:36Disclosure packetClosed9/28/2021 19:56
5464019/9/2021 13:34disclosure packetClosed9/28/2021 18:20
8648889/16/2021 2:28How difficult is it to have AC approval?Resolved9/20/2021 6:02