Minutes of HOA Annual Meeting on October 15, 2018

Annual meeting called to order at 7:39pm with 25 homes represented in person and 26 homes represented by proxy, achieving quorum.

  1. President’s Welcome (Hal Allen)
  2. Supervisor’s Update (Taylor Holland) –
    1. Holland provided the McKay newsletter to attendees
    2. Holland noted that in person absentee voting is open from 3-7pm every day at Supervisor McKay’s office for the November elections
    3. Springfield Town Center is doing very well – opening Maggie McFly’s restaurant soon where a BBQ restaurant used to be. The Town Center is the 3rd highest value property in Fairfax County right now.  Phase II involves more parks and parking, other ancillary buildings.  There is also a new Transportation Security Administration headquarters site opening in 2020.
    4. The former Islamic Saudi Academy building (original Mount Vernon High School, 8333 Richmond Highway) is being repurposed. Elm Street developers are working with officials to determine new use of the space.  Another public meeting will occur soon – sign up for newsletter on the website (https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/lee/) to get more information on that site.
    5. John Marshall library on Rose Hill Drive is reopening on October 27! Beautiful redesign – adding more light and environmentally friendly upgrades as well as technology upgrades.  Ribbon cutting ceremony at 10am 10/27.
    6. Supervisor McKay is working with the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to identify funding for more frequent mowing on roadways – VDOT maintains the roads but only mows about 3 times per year which is not sufficient to keep the grasses clear.
    7. Continued work on bus rapid transit system on Route 1. In the short term, since March when Embark-Richmond Highway was adopted, Supervisor McKay’s office has been working on getting the word out, and working on trails, bike paths and other connecting facilities.
    8. Fairfax County is wrapping up a police body-camera pilot program, and American University will be reviewing the footage and analyzing next steps.
    9. Holland submitted a request to Public Works to look at the Vantage rain culvert to ensure any needed dredging activities occur in light of recent heavy rains.
    10. Holland also mentioned that the County has several programs for suicide prevention that can be publicized.
    11. Hayfield Giant has moved out – Fairfax County is working through what will replace it. Retail is struggling, especially with large spaces like this.  Fairfax County is considering repurposing programs, such as subdividing the space to incentivize future use.
    12. Holland answered several specific questions from the floor. He noted that the portion of the Huntington metro station parking lot that is currently roped off is slated to be demolished but Metro claims they have sufficient parking to manage capacity.  Next year Metro will be closing open air stations south of the airport for repairs – more details to come on how transportation will be handled during the repair period.
  3. For Children’s Sake of Virginia Presentation (Charlotte Gallant) – Ms. Gallant provided flyers regarding FCSVP’s therapeutic foster care program for children admitted to government foster programs due to abuse or neglect. When a child cannot be placed with a county agency, FCSVP provides an option for interim fostering with support and training for the foster parents.  A typical length of stay for a foster child can range from 2-3 days to longer-term solutions with a national average of about one year.  FCSVP works with foster parents from many different backgrounds, and there is always more need than there are foster families to place children with.  FCSVP is also looking for donations – cash and in-kind donation of clothes, toys and school supplies – as well as additional foster parent candidates.  FCSVP also has an Amazon wishlist for ideas of in-kind donations that are sought.
  4. Presentation of the Annual 2019 Budget (Earl Hughes) – Mr. Hughes explained the Vantage HOA accounts and balance sheet, as well as the major items of the 2019 budget. Hughes took questions from the floor.
  5. Election of Board Members (Hal Allen / Jane Rueger)
    1. Allen and Ms. Rueger explained the Board needs a minimum of two new board members to maintain minimum required five directors.
    2. The following five individuals were nominated as directors:
      • Anna Urman
      • Stephanie Hickey
      • Jim McDonald
      • Elizabeth Loevner
      • Carlos Chadha
    3. All five individuals were unanimously approved as directors of the Vantage HOA board.
  1. Solicitation Signs (Hal Allen) – Mr. Allen asked for a sense of the HOA regarding any objections to posting a no solicitation sign when you enter the subdivision attached to the signs that are already at each entrance.  Boardman noted that there are two signs – one on Lantern Place at the entrance to Vantage, and one on Vantage Dr.  There was some discussion of whether those signs are sufficient based on placement.  No opposition to additional signs was indicated, if the Board determines additional signs are worthwhile.
  2. Questions from the Floor
    1. Suggestion for Board to solicit information regarding the construction quality of homes in the neighborhood and recent home fires and instances of ceiling collapses and alert the community to potential issues (e.g. in the Vantage Quarterly). Suggestion of a home expert attending the next annual meeting or a special meeting.
    2. Trees behind Stream Bed Way have fallen or are threatening to fall. Kerby noted that the Board responds to all requests/notifications regarding trees and takes action to correct when on association property or refer to County when not.
    3. House on corner of Hard Rock and Flintstone Rd – grass grows onto sidewalk into the street. The board registered this complaint for review.
    4. Basketball hoop constantly in the street on Vantage before Flintstone – any community rules against that? Also noted a Portable on Demand Storage (POD) unit that has been on Vantage Drive for a very long time – how long can they be left on the street?  The Board will look into these items.
    5. Home on Rock Creek foreclosed upon by Wells Fargo, and is not being maintained – ivy overgrown, fence falling down. The board registered this complaint for review.  A suggestion was made for the Board to look into a county program to help communities deal with foreclosed properties that are not being maintained appropriately.
    6. Adopt-a-Highway Coordinator, Ed Boardman, reminded the community about the program on South Kings Highway which has been in place since 1994. Pick up is 4 times per year at a minimum.  Generally there are just enough people to do the pick-ups, but it is always the same people.  The next pick up is this Saturday, October 20, the group meets at 8:30am at the top of Vantage Drive.  Boardman requested new volunteers, and received many suggestions for getting the word out to the community via Facebook and the Board email alias on the vantagehoa.org website.
  3. Adjourned at 9:10pm

See below for an update prepared for the community by Supervisor Jeff McKay.

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