Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on November 28, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:41pm with Earl Hughes, Eric Kerby, Dave Balandrin, Liz Loevner, Jim McDonald, Anna Urman, Stephanie Hickey, Carlos Chadha, and Hal Allen in attendance.


  1. Open position appointments: The duties of open officer and committee positions were described.  Selections are as follows.  Previous position holders will transition duties to newly elected/selected members.
    • Secretary:  Stephanie Hickey nominated and accepted by unanimous vote.  Stephanie also expressed interest in volunteering as the Villager editor.
    • Treasurer:  Anna Urman nominated and accepted by unanimous vote.
    • Architectural Control Committee Chair:  Jim McDonald
    • Grounds Committee Chair:  Liz Loevner
  2. Previous Meeting Minutes: The Board amended and unanimously approved minutes from the September 2018 board meeting.  The Board amended and unanimously approved minutes from the October 2018 annual community meeting.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Earl presented the Treasurer’s report.  The Board discussed collections policies, digital payments and email notices, equity investments, and recent payments made.  The Board accepted the Treasurer’s report.
  4. Other Business:
    1. Santa’s Visit:  A volunteer is needed for organizing Santa’s visit to the neighborhood.  Carlos volunteered.  Carlos will contact Tony for transition.
    2. Storage Shed:  Earl brought up the matter of whether to install a storage shed near the playground.  Pros and cons of installing a shed were discussed.  Earl plans to contact Hector Martinez to obtain an estimate on the work.  Dave plans to contact Julio Lazo to obtain an estimate on the work.
    3. Tree Trimming Requests:  Handling of tree trimming requests was discussed.  Recommendations were made to the common grounds committee on procedures for facilitating estimates and pending/future requests.  The board is considering organizing a community-wide assessment from an arborist and working with the county urban forester.
    4. Annual Meeting Complaints:  Complaints raised during the annual meeting were discussed.  A suggestion was made to post information in the newsletter about avenues to submit complaints to the county and police.
    5. Deferred to Next Meeting:  The following items were raised briefly but deferred to discussion at the next meeting due to time constraints:
      • Consider any Board-organized communications on sagging drywall recommendations
      • Consider (additional) no solicitation signs
      • Posting of hours signage at the park
  5. Adjournment:The meeting adjourned at 9:23pm.