Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on December 19, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:37pm with Hal Allen, Eric Kerby, Earl Hughes, Liz Loevner, Anna Urman, and Carlos Chadha in attendance.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: Edits to the November 2018 meeting minutes were made prior to the meeting, and the final version was unanimously approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • The Treasurer reviewed recent debits and credits from the account. Anna is finding a new notary to sign the lien paperwork on delinquent accounts.
    • The Association received a new debit card in the name of the new Treasurer.
    • Anna will provide the PDFs of account statements via email following the meeting.
  3. Other Business:
    • The Board discussed organized communications on observations of sagging drywall. The Board plans to call the Fairfax County building code office (inspections number: 703-631-5101) to find what information they can offer. Based on County recommendations, the Board may place content in a new standing section in the Quarterly for home maintenance reminders.
    • Additional no solicitation signs: Hal plans to write a letter to VDOT to obtain permission to install additional signage on their land by roadsides.
    • Posting of hours signage at the park was discussed. Suggested wording includes: “Closed after dark” and “Park maintained by Vantage Homes Association.” Anna volunteered to start searching for bids. Desire a robust sign that is vandal-proof. The Board has used Fast Signs for some work in the past. Placement locations were discussed.
    • Update on Fairfax County Urban Forest Management and possible arborist survey: Liz contacted the urban forestry and obtained an email for the Lee District arborist (todd.nelson@fairfaxcounty.gov). Relevant sections of the County Zoning Ordinance were shared (Part 7 Section 2-701 and 2-702). The office suggested considering replacement plantings when removing trees or other vegetation from common land. Liz obtained information from some arborists on how surveys are performed and their approximate rates. One provided a reference to another community (Brigadoon) who had recently used his services. Earl recalls the last survey was performed roughly 5 years ago.
    • A private streets fund disbursement was requested off of Coldbrooke Ct. Hal reported the proposed work to the board and plans to approve the homeowner request.
    • The Board discussed observations of Santa’s visit to the community. Feedback from the community has been positive. Carlos provided photos documenting the visit. Carlos also provided a receipt for gifts given to the firefighters who brought the fire engine to the community. Suggestion was made to modify the flyers used in advance of the visit to be generic (“this Saturday”) without a date. The laminated signs at each stop also worked well. Posts to social media were also helpful.
    • Native species plant resources: Anna provided a reference to a useful site containing information about native plant species (https://www.plantnovanatives.org/). This information may be useful to include in the quarterly newsletter. The local Audubon chapter also has resources. Anna and Liz will continue to gather information from these groups and bring content to the board.
    • Cloud document storage: Anna raised suggestion to have cloud-like storage of documents. Eric volunteered to install an open source cloud document solution on the association web site/server for testing by the Board. If this solution works well, it may make sense to evaluate other paper documents maintained by the association and digitize content as it makes sense.
    • Liz passed along information that the John Marshall Library does have meeting rooms which an HOA can reserve to meet.
  4. Board Actions Taken by Email:  On November 30, 2018, the Board voted via email to approve tree work on HOA land behind 6800 Moon Rock Court.  Dad’s Tree Service was selected to do the work.
  5. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:54 pm.