Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on January 30, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:37pm with Hal Allen, Eric Kerby, Earl Hughes, Anna Urman, Carlos Chadha, and Dave Balandrin in attendance.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: Edits to the December 2018 meeting minutes were made prior to the meeting, and the final version was unanimously approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • The Treasurer reviewed the latest account balance sheet. A previous lien was recently settled, which resulted in a large deposit.
    • Registered agent has been updated to Anna.
    • The Treasurer requested approval to purchase a Nitro Pro PDF editing software license. The Board voted in approval to authorize the Treasurer to purchase the requested license.
    • The Treasurer revisited a discussion around consolidating the SunTrust private streets account to BB&T, the location of other Association accounts. The Board voted in favor of moving the SunTrust account to BB&T.
  3. Other Business:
    • Park signage: Anna contacted FastSigns for pricing for creating signage for posting park hours. $180 would cover each sign and metal stake. A search for additional bids and labor to install is in progress.
    • Grounds work: Tree removal was completed at 6800 Moon Rock Ct. Another pending request and proactive arborist surveys were discussed. The Board recommended moving forward on obtaining estimates for a survey.
    • Document storage: Eric demonstrated the cloud document solution on the VHA website for managing community documents. Anna has already begun uploading archives of minutes and Treasurer files.
    • Storage building: Earl received an estimate on constructing a storage building near the park. The estimate came in higher than expected and lacking detail, so he plans to discuss the work with the contractor and follow up. Earl showed the Board the items currently stored in his shed for context.
    • Digital payments: The Board briefly discussed obtaining either a merchant account or PayPal account to accept dues payments.
  4. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm.