Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on May 14, 2019

Meeting called to order at 6:12 p.m. with Hal Allen, Dave Balandrin, Anna Urman, Jim McDonald, and Stephanie Spika Hickey in attendance.  Liz Loevner and Eric Kerby joined by conference call.  Eric Kerby arrived after the meeting had started.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: Minutes from the April 2019 meeting were unanimously approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • The Treasurer mailed annual dues notices to all homes in the community.  There were expenses related to mailing the notices.
  3. Items Approved Via Email Since Last Meeting:
    • Yard Sale Sign:  On April 29, the Board approved via email to lend our large Community Yard Sale banner to the Stoneybrooke HOA.
  4. Other Business:
    • Private Street Funds:  The Board discussed looking into raising the dues for private streets.  The Board will bring it up at the next Annual Meeting.  A reminder about private street funds will be included in the next Villager.
    • Yard Sale Recap:  The Board received no negative feedback regarding the Community Yard Sale.
    • Arborist Survey:  Dave and Liz will work together to move forward on this issue.
    • Storage Building:  Liz has keys to the shed; there are two keys.  Liz will move the items that used to be in former Board member Earl’s shed into the community storage building.
    • Park Signage:  Anna has asked Fast Signs to send proofs of signs and an estimate for installation.
    • Architectural Control Committee:
      • 7003 Vantage Drive:  The owners wanted to tear down the house and rebuild.  The Architectural Control Committee sent a letter on April 9, 2019 rejecting the proposal. 
      • 7124 Whetstone:  The Architectural Control Committee chairman delivered a letter in person on April 12, 2019 as an informal contact to remind the owner to address maintenance issues with the property.  Some of these issues have been addressed. 
      • 7018 Vantage Court:  The owners wanted to build a fence and submitted documents for approval.  The fence has been built and appears to be over 4 feet in front, which violates Fairfax County regulations. 
      • 4419 Coldbrooke:  Neighbor complained that shed in backyard has been moved toward shared fence and that shed is too tall.  Architectural Control Committee cannot find documentation that the height of the shed was previously approved by the Committee or the Board.  Jim is going to consult our HOA attorney.
      • Website Edits:  Postponed until next meeting.
      • Key Info for Villager:  Include reminders about Architectural Rules in next issue of Villager.
    • Park Update:  Jim and Dave walked through the park earlier this week and observed many issues of concern.
      • Clogged Drainage Pipe:  There is a clogged drainage pipe near Rollingbrooke Ct.  Dave will contact T&C to receive an estimate on cleaning it out.
      • Dead Tree:  There is a dead tree near the bridge.  This will be noted when we have the arborist survey completed.
      • Playground maintenance:  Dave will get a quote from T&C to remedy the following issues:
        • Swirly Slide:  The swirly slide has rust and is in need of paint.
        • Graffiti:  Two panels have graffiti that should be painted over.
        • Landscape:  The landscape fabric needs fixed, especially under the swings.
  5. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 7:14 p.m.