Minutes of HOA Board Meeting on September 26, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:09 p.m. with Hal Allen, Carlos Chadha, Anna Urman, Eric Kerby, Dave Balandrin, and Liz Loevner in attendance.


  1. Previous Meeting Minutes: Minutes from the August 2019 meeting were unanimously approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:
    • Anna provided the latest balance and profit & loss reports. The largest expense continues to be lawn mowing. Remaining picnic expenses are being settled/reimbursed. Anna is printing a second invoice notice for overdue accounts. Anna reminded the Board that all the statements are available on the HOA’s Nextcloud storage.
  3. Old Business:
    • Recap of Annual Picnic:
      • Carlos will take an action to update the spreadsheet with companies we utilized this year.
      • Having a full-size horse as well as the pony worked well. The face painter also received positive comments.
      • Observations and lessons learned from the event were shared and recorded for planning next year.
      • The Board considered organizing a more formal picnic committee. Next year’s planning should start formally by no later than June.
    • Arborist Survey / Tree Service: Dave shared an estimate from Moore & Wright Tree Service on performing the work listed in the community arborist survey. All Board members concurred with moving forward with work by Moore & Wright and discussed which scope of work to approve. A majority of board members voted to proceed with the full scope of work.
    • Park Maintenance:
      • Dave has not yet been able to get hold of Julio. Liz volunteered to continue coordinating with Julio for him to complete the clogged drain cleaning and obtain quotes for playground equipment maintenance and park signage installation.
      • Liz provided a heads up of a park mulch containment research she plans to do based on what she saw at another park.
    • Architectural Control Committee: A request for Architectural Committee Approval for a play structure at 4419 Coldbrooke Court was rejected on 11 September 2019.
  4. New Business:
    • Noise Complaint on 7109 Whetstone Road: The board passed along complaints of noise and other activities at 7109 Whetstone Road to local Fairfax County crime prevention officers. Advice was provided to the complainant on relevant Fairfax County noise ordinances, which must be enforced by the police rather than the HOA.
    • Annual Meeting:
      • Hal completed and mailed the annual meeting announcement and proxy letter. Eric confirmed Karen has arranged use of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church’s Nave for the meeting. Karen plans to prepare coffee and hot water, and Anna plans to bring other snacks. Liz is reaching out to the Fairfax County Aging-in-Place Village Coordinator and Supervisor McKay’s office regarding interest in attending as guest speakers. Carlos is preparing sign-in and volunteer interest sheets.
      • Key items at the meeting: Hal will kick off the meeting. Anna will provide the Treasurer’s report (2020 budget will be drafted/approved via email before the annual meeting). Key work to promote: Arborist & Tree work, Park building/shed, Special call for Picnic volunteers and the Architectural Committee, Signup sheet for volunteer interest. Elections will be held.
    • Proposal of an office manager
      • Anna raised a proposal of contracting support for a certain number of hours per year. This would support business work needed to be performed.
      • Anna will write up a task list and roughly estimate the cost to be brought forward at the annual meeting.
  5. Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:16 p.m.