Minutes of HOA Annual Meeting on October 21, 2019

Annual meeting called to order at 7:38 pm with 25 homes represented in person and 21 homes represented by proxy, achieving quorum.

  1. President’s Welcome (Eric Kerby standing in for Hal Allen)
    1. Eric began the meeting and introduced Board members.
  2. Supervisor’s Update (Taylor Holland, Chief of Staff)
    1. Budget – last year’s budget held the line on real estate taxes and fully funded schools.  They created two positions for energy and climate planning and funded police body cameras.  They are continuing to fund more police positions, including a police station and animal shelter in Lorton.
    2. Survived metro shut down; some single tracking still happening.
    3. Hayfield & Telegraph intersection – $3 million grant to expand Telegraph Road to two northbound and two southbound lanes.  Minimal impact expected.
    4. Police body cameras – Program has been adopted so all police will wear body cameras over next three years.
    5. Environment – Focus on solar to make government buildings more eco- and cost-friendly. They just put out an RFP to look into solar options for government buildings and schools.
    6. Hayfield Giant – Planet Fitness is going in to half of the building.  Negotiations still underway with two other users for the remaining space.
    7. EMBARK Richmond Highway – 8 mile stretch – prioritized widening of Richmond Highway to three lanes on both sides and center bus lane for rapid transit.
      1. St. Louis / Hopkins Lane may be closed – community meeting on October 24
      2. Request to look into timing of lights on Telegraph Rd near Jeff Todd Way
      3. Question about old Rite Aid location and if WAWA will be taking over the space
      4. Costco is getting 18 gas pumps – already approved and neighboring community engaged to alleviate congestion
  3. Highlights from previous year
    1. Arborist & Tree work (Liz Loevner)
      1. Some trees were removed and trimmed on HOA property/common areas; mostly near the playground.
      2. Certified Arborist – independent – was hired to do a survey of trees in common areas and recommended work that needed to be done. Work was separated into higher priority and lower priority with tress being marked accordingly.  Board has tree maintenance scheduled for November 20-23.
    2. Park building/shed (Carlos Chadha)
      1. New shed built near playground to house community property, such as picnic equipment.
    3. Picnic (Carlos Chadha)
      1. Bouncy castle, pony rides, face painter, and porta-potty were all used for entertainment at picnic; community encouraged to add suggestions for next year.
    4. Santa (Carlos Chadha)
      1. Santa’s visit is December 14; recommendation to allow kids on the firetruck.
  4. Treasurer’s Update (Anna Urman)
    1. Statement of past year’s income and expenditures
      1. Balance Sheet – Overview of HOA bank account for entire HOA; plus private street bank accounts shared by owners of homes on private streets.
      2. Profit and Loss – Income is HOA dues and disclosure packets from people selling homes; mostly spent on maintenance of common grounds like tree work, plus picnic, insurance, filing taxes, attorney fees, etc.
      3. Private Street Dues – owned by owners of homes on private streets; there are 22 private street pools.
    2. Proposed budget(s) for upcoming year
      1. Three proposed budgets were discussed; they include admin expense and adding merchant service fees (around 4%) for processing online HOA dues payments.
      2. Informal poll of attendees regarding all three proposed budgets – Most people preferred option 2 ($5 dues increase) with option 3 ($0 dues increase) as the second most popular. Not many in attendance were in favor of option 1 ($15 dues increase).
      3. There was a suggestion to set up a forum to discuss dues increase and advertise via the Villager and Facebook.
      4. Discussion was had about our reserves and how much we should keep on hand; if there is any legal obligation to keep a minimum balance.
    3. Admin
      1. The Board asked our community for volunteers. It was suggested to include specific info for tasks in the Villager to try to recruit volunteers.  There was also a suggestion to keep a volunteer email list to recruit volunteers for specific tasks as needed.
    4. Bank account changes
      1. Some HOA accounts are with BB&T and some are with SunTrust. BB&T and SunTrust are merging so we need to evaluate the best way to keep our money.  We will most likely get rid of CDs and focus on a money market account.  The Board will be focusing on shopping for banks over the next few months.
  5. Election of 3 Board Members
    1. 1 open seat and Eric Kerby and Liz Loevner’s seats
      1. Erika King was nominated from the floor.
      2. All candidates – Eric Kerby, Liz Loevner, and Erika King – were elected unanimously.
  6. Call for volunteers
    1. Picnic volunteers – please talk to Carlos Chadha after the meeting.
    2. Architectural Committee – please talk to Jim McDonald after the meeting.           
      1. It was requested that community members can submit Architectural requests online
  7. Open floor for questions/comments
    1. There was discussion of maintenance of sidewalks and plants that grow on sidewalks – some areas have trees and bushes growing into sidewalks.  This topic will be included in the next Villager.
    2. It was noted that certain corners of community are darker and don’t have adequate light posts.
    3. There was a complaint about off-leash dogs.  Community was reminded that is Fairfax County law and not something the HOA can regulate.  HOA will look into adding a sign near Swirly Slide Park.
    4. There was a request for an email list for the community.
    5. There was a question about rentals and Airbnb homes in our neighborhood.  Fairfax County has an ordinance and the HOA has no jurisdiction.
  8. Adjourn
    1. The meeting was adjourned at 9:09 pm.

See below for an update prepared for the community by Supervisor Jeff McKay.

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